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Organizing a Murder


Mystery parties and murder mystery games are great fun, but there are a couple of problems with them. The kits are expensive to buy, and when you've used them once, they are useless.
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You are often constrained to a particular number of players, and you may not be able to find a game to match the theme you have in mind.

Make Your Own Mystery is a solution to this problem. It guides you through the process of designing and making your own mystery party from scratch.

Note that this will take some time. It's no use picking up this ebook the same day as your party. You are, after all, about to write an adventure. If you need something immediately, I suggest you check out the Organizing a Murder ebook. But it needn't take a huge amount of your time, and I hope you will get great satisfaction from having an original mystery no one else has ever played.

In a compact, 44 page ebook you will find all you need to get started.

Want to see what it's like? Download a free sample: